5 Steps To Get The Finances In Order

5 Steps To Get The Finances In Order

Would you like to get more out of your money and do not know where to start? Need to save money and do not know how? In this article we will give you some tips and show you how to by your personal finances in order in just 5 steps.

The first step in order to get your finances in order is to realize the starting point. You can start by making your family budget and trying to figure out some points where you can cut costs. We can always think that it is impossible to save money but there are savings tips that can make all the difference and without having to tighten your belt or stop living. For example, choosing the best bank for your current account may mean saving more than € 100 per year. And did you know that you do not have to go to the counter to open your new account?


See where you can cut costs

There are several sources of waste. We speak several times in Conlaí of how it is possible to save money by transferring your housing credit, consolidating your credits or simply cutting the cost of your home life insurance by more than 50% or your multi-insurance. To save money without work you can turn to Conlaí who will do all the work for you without charging any amount.


Start a savings account

savings account

To start saving money you have to start a savings account. There are several solutions at your disposal but the key is to get started. Go to your bank or see how to set up a savings account. Make a periodic transfer to this account and let time do its work.


Invest and earn more money

Once you realize that there is some room to cut costs you will also conclude that you can direct some of your money into an investment account and thereby increase the return you have. It may take some time and may also mean that you take some risks, but having a good risk diversification policy will make all the difference. Here we have talked about strategies that allow you to have a return of 12% without thereby jeopardizing your financial security. You may also be interested in real estate investment, short-term lease or even crypto-coins.


Deepen your knowledge

See where you can cut costs

We are always learning and when we stop learning we are at great risk. This is a fundamental truth when it comes to money. So we invite you to download our new book, How to teach my child to save money, to help you reflect on the importance of money in our lives. It is possible to have a healthier relationship with money and at the same time help your child grow with a healthier coexistence with money and its potential.


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