Demands for the Finance Blog of the Year

Demands for the Finance Blog of the Year

Meanwhile, the interest in the Finance Blog of the Year Competition has jumped over, so that in the most diverse blogs intensively discussed about the competition. Several of the blogs had requests or legitimate comments that we like to address.


Lack of transparency of the selection criteria


In principle, it is not easy to set firm criteria for the jury in advance. After all, since our jurors judge the nominated blogs with a lot of experience and expertise, a variety of factors are taken into account – which is also good for the competition. We had named the criteria we had set as a framework in advance:

  • idea
  • originality
  • content
  • text quality
  • structure
  • topicality
  • layout


However, in order to bring some transparency to the criteria used by our jury, we once again launched a broadcast today and asked which criteria were in the foreground: The most important criterion was the content, in particular the relevance, the uniqueness and the personal Note were significant. Interestingly enough, the design has been classified as a mere hygiene factor (even more so as many readers now source their content through PPP feeds). Next year, we will handle it differently and use a smaller but clearer list of criteria, which is then transparent.


The nomination of the blog of a jury member

The nomination of the blog of a jury member

Here we see the criticism that a blog by a jury member (banking blog) should not be part of the finalists. That’s why we responded and removed the blog from the final round. This situation is excluded from the outset next year.


The problem of online voting

The problem of online voting

It is true that there is a lot of energy to manipulate our voting. Nevertheless, this challenge can be observed in almost all online polls. If someone knows good alternatives that can be easily integrated and exclude the possibilities for manipulation, we will gladly use them for future votes.


The shift of the final round


We did not announce the shift for the start of the final round by 1 day in the blog, which had some readers wondered – we’ll do next time.

We would like to thank everyone for the suggestions for improvement – we are happy to accept them! In addition, we would like to thank all participants of our competition once again. We are curious to see who ultimately becomes the “Finance Blog of the Year”

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