Get To Know The CFE Finance

Get To Know The CFE Finance

Payroll-deductible loans are one of the lines of personal loans, with better rates in the credit market, mainly due to the ease of hiring, greater availability of credit in this line by different financial institutions, and its operation with low credit risk.

All this occurs, therefore, the installments of Payroll Credit are deducted directly from the contractor’s payroll, so the risk of default for a financial institution is very low, without the risk of not receiving payment of the installment.

The Payroll Credit is focused mainly on retirees, INSS pensioners and public employees, since they are the people who have the greatest stability in receiving their salaries with little risk of being exonerated or having their benefit canceled. If you fit into these features, take advantage, you will have great chances of getting an excellent rate on your loan.


CFE Finance and its conditions

CFE Finance and its conditions

CFE Finance is a Brazilian public institution, present for 157 years in the Brazilian market, being a very strong arm in the economic management of the Brazilian government, with the main lines of Credit for Housing, besides maintenance of all Service Accounts Guarantee Fund Accounts (FGTS).

In payroll-deductible loans CFE has special conditions for employees of contracted companies, public agencies, retirees and pensioners of the INSS. In addition, CFE allows the use of its FGTS balance as loan guarantee, which allows for hiring with even more attractive rates, as well as the possibility of larger amounts credits, since it will have the FGTS guarantee as a backup.

For hiring, it is sufficient to have a checking account at CFE and fit into the conditions of receipt of salary or benefit of the product, linked to the CFE. For the Payroll Loan, no type of guarantor, guarantor or additional guarantee is required, only the receipt of your salary will already be the necessary guarantee.

If you already have a current account in the savings account, with the receipt of salary or linked benefit, the contracting of payroll deductible credit can be done online through internet banking or ATM.


Margin – the limit of the Payroll Loan

Margin - the limit of the Payroll Loan

Payroll Credit is one of the best options for taking a loan, but for the sake of security of the financial stability of the borrower, this product has as a rule, a margin lender.

This simplified form of limitation requires that the value of the loan installments never exceed 30% of the income of the person taking the loan, ie a person who has a salary of R $ 1,000.00 can not take a loan with more than R $ 300.00.

This is very good for financial security, since it reduces the risk of the borrower being lost with his finances and losing control over his salary, which will have the installments being debited automatically. On the other hand the margin ends up limiting quite a lot the possibility of high-value loans, limiting the credit Consigned to amounts for small credit needs.

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